Mad Raven Productions A Multi-Media and Convention Services Company

Welcome to the New Mad Raven Productions Website!
As we revamp our site, please pardon our dust. While sections are still in the process of being upgraded and added to, our Twisted Skies and MRP Junior orders are still very much live and operational, as is our contact sections. Meanwhile, it'f you'd like further updates, including website progress, teaser images, sneak peeks at projects and more, please follow us on social media!

Mad Raven Productions

Mad Raven Productions is an artist collective and publishing company dedicated to offering a variety of convention, publishing and gaming services. From Steampunk themed games and novels, to panels, presentations and merchandise, Mad Raven Productions strive to produce fun, entertaining, engaging a sometimes even educational products for all ages.

Panels, Presentations and Convention Services

The Mad Raven productions crew includes people and professionals with a passion for their arts. Living Historians, re-enactor, artists, artisans, makers and more, the crew enjoys passing on their knowledge and discussing their crafts with others, making them the perfect panelists and presenters. Our collective knowledge and programming is conveniently organized in a full Steampunk track, or can be selected as individual presentations for those looking to a just a little something to their convention schedule.

For more information, please check out our Convention Services section.

Gaming, Publishing and Merchandise

Mad Raven Productions includes a full line of products developed by our artists and makers. Twisted Skies, the premier Steampunk card game, is in full swing, with several expansions already released, and a new version and expansion coming soon. With the company growing, Mad Raven Productions has branched into publishing as well, with a supportive book, Agents of E.N.I.G.M.A., that expands on Twisted Skies Steampunk Multiverse, to provide a roleplaying experience for tabletop and live action roleplay (LARP).

In addition to printed products, Mad Raven Productions regularly vends at conventions, selling maker-created wares from goggles to Steampunk themed art and custom leather pieces for the beginner and beyond.

For more information, please see our Gaming, Publishing and Online Shop pages.

Steampunk for All Ages

Continuing the wonderful tradition and community that is Steampunk, Mad Raven Productions presents the e-zine, Dr. Fantastique's Show of Wonders. After the original Dr. Fantastique's closed it's doors in 2013, Mad Raven Productions stepped in to carry the torch, publishing "the mystical madness of time and space" every two months with news, stories and tidbits of fantastic fandoms.

In an effort to bring the wonderful world of Steampunk to the communities youngest fans, Mad raven Productions has created MRP Junior, a branch of it's publishing section specializing in kid-friendly publishing with adorable characters and inspiring messages. Starting with Artemis Ace the Flying Pig, MRP Junior hopes to inspire children and encourage them to grow with creativity, positivity and perseverance.

For more on Mad Raven Productions' publications, please check out Dr. Fantastique's and MRP Junior's pages.