Magic Lantern Day is a new socially distanced event activity that Mad Raven is hosting to help our community have safe socialization options during the COVID 19 pandemic. By limiting the seating to only 40 people and social distancing the seats while providing free masks for all participants. Due to the small event size it must be invitation only but we hope to do more of them in the future. WANT TO HOST A MAGIC LANTERN DAY OF YOUR OWN?

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Where are all the Events?

Those of you who know us here at Mad Raven Productions know that we attend, co-host, or host at least six to eight events a year relating to the promotion or development of Steampunk creativity.  Sadly the current world health situation has cancelled or postponed many of the events we regularly partner with and limited our ability to host new ones. However, make no mistake, our ENIGMA agents are working hard to find new and creative ways to connect you to the Steampunk Multiverse!