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The quickest way to learn about and participate in the Steampunk Multiverse is by submitting material to the Steampunk Multiverse Wiki  or join our Discord Server and discuss the Multiverse with us!

Welcome to the
Steampunk Multiverse

Imagine if you will that every timeline, variable, popular concept and idealistic world view could be in fact it's own Reality of Existence. The next leap would be that these Realities could then manufacture a way to travel between them. Thus the Multiverse was born. With the denizens of dull down trodden industrial worlds being visited by the citizens of Oz, Neverland, and Atlantis to name a few. The Multiverse is an exciting and dangerous place. Even more so since the end of the Great Multiverse War.

Through the wonders of inter-dimensional jump engines through time and space are now standardized and the technological and industrial improvements have guaranteed a level of processed goods and transportation that make the Multiverse more stable than ever, it is behind this curtain of normalcy that a Cold War rages. Secret Societies, Ancient Rites, and Entrenched Institutions grapple for power. In the new post war order and recent currency market collapses. The atmosphere in social and influential circles is one of espionage and intrigue. The upper classes have become accustomed to it as a necessity of post war life. Invested Industrialists, Tenured Academics, and Landed Nobles all agree that a cold war amongst the powers and principles of the Multiverse is better than another Great War which it's height saw whole Realities overwhelmed by zombie hordes or wiped from existence altogether be the mechanisms of mad science.

As long as Aether flows from the imaginations of sentient beings there will be worlds made of it. As long as Aether flows there will be a Multiverse.

The Steampunk Multiverse is a fictional setting of collaborative storytelling that is crowd developed by Steampunk enthusiast through writing, art, music, costuming, games, prop building, and much more. The Multiverse story-line and interactive events are administered by Mad Raven Productions.

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